This calendar is the result of a great last minute collaboration in October/December of 2015.

Inspired and motivated by each other’s work and work ethic, we set out to create a calendar for 2016, which had to be finished in time for Christmas. A big challenge, but a fun one none the less! Since all three of us have a thing for the outdoors, we agreed upon the theme of “nature” for this project! We each designed the artwork for 4 different months, one in each season. A limited 2-tone colour palette with red flowing through the entire thing was chosen to tie everything together.

We decided to print it as a ‘limited edition’, all 50 numbered and signed copies were printed at Chez Rosi on a Risoprinter.
All profits went to a charity helping out young refugees in Brussels. If you want to see some more pictures from this project, check it out here.